Hi! My name is Andrew, I play piano and this website features some of my various music projects. I’m probably most proud of the work I’ve done with my son. Our first music video collaboration was released when he was 3 years old: a cover of Voyager by Daft Punk, using toys and instruments in Hudson’s room. Last year we used toys and instruments from my room–a synth studio. The result was a tribute to Kraftwerk: heroes from my childhood that inspired my interest in synthesizers and electronic music. Details about The Robots can be found here. Recently, we covered the 80’s hit: Chariots of Fire by Vangelis and tried to make it a little funkier. I also keep busy experimenting with modular synthesizers, my first release of modular music is here.

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Andrew Voltage – Emerge
Modular Synthesizer Music

Emerge is my first release in a series of experimental Electronic Music albums, featuring modular synthesizers. Free download.


Chariots of Fire – A Tribute to Vangelis

We are excited to share our latest music video! A tribute to Vangelis--the legendary Electronic Music composer from Greece. Vangelis was especially known for some famous soundtracks, most notably Blade Runner and the theme to Chariots of Fire which was a hit in the...
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Karl Bartos Shares Andrew + Hudson’s Robots Cover

One of the first comments on our music video cover of The Robots by Kraftwerk was: "The Kraftwerk members must see this!". And sure enough, Karl Bartos--one of the original composers of The Robots and member of Kraftwerk posted our video on his Facebook page. His...
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Andrew + Hudson Feature on

I recently noticed the views on our Robots Kraftwerk cover jumped up and it looks like there were some new articles. Here's one I came across on, a popular music news website. Nice to see that our little video is still newsworthy. Thanks for the...
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The Secret Origin of Batman’s Theme Song!

Here’s a little project from the archives that I recently edited and remixed. A few years ago, Hudson and I used to pretend play Batman and Robin all the time, so I taught him the classic 1960’s Batman TV theme song on the piano. Eventually, I decided to cover the...
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Featured on Dancing Astronaut

Here's a nice article about our Kraftwerk cover on Dancing...
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Father-Son Cover of The Robots by Kraftwerk

My 2016 winter project with Hudson is finished! Here are some notes about the production process. Backstory: I discovered Kraftwerk when I was around 11 years old and became a huge fan. They inspired my love of electronic music--which I now enjoy sharing with my son....
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Hudson and Andrew cover Voyager by Daft Punk

I had my first music collaboration with my son when he was 3. We both loved Daft Punk so I thought it might be fun to cover Voyager, from the legendary Discovery album. Voyager has a deep, soulful chord progression and I wanted to produce the song with just samples...
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