Here’s a little project from the archives that I recently edited and remixed. A few years ago, Hudson and I used to pretend play Batman and Robin all the time, so I taught him the classic 1960’s Batman TV theme song on the piano. Eventually, I decided to cover the song with Hudson and make a video. It was our 2nd big project together and he worked on it with me like a champ! He was just 4 years old at the time.

For the music production, I only had a couple of synths back then. We mainly featured Hudson’s Casio MT-68, a classic mini keyboard from the 1980’s that I had originally purchased when I was a kid. We also used a MicroKorg for vocoding and the other synth sounds including bass. The music production software was Ableton Live and I cut the video with Final Cut Pro X.

Fun details:

  • We paid tribute to the legendary Amen Break during Hudson’s battle-dance at :52.
  • When Robin suggests going to the Bat Studio to make a theme song, Batman is out of the chair before Robin even finishes speaking. lol!
  • What classic record is in some of the shots?
  • Why does Robin have a tag on his cape? Ha!

As our skills improve, our latest productions have a little more attention to detail but for me, this video preserves some very special playtimes for us. It makes me happy and I hope you enjoy—The Secret Origin of Batman’s Theme Song!