We are excited to share our latest music video! A tribute to Vangelis–the legendary Electronic Music composer from Greece. Vangelis was especially known for some famous soundtracks, most notably Blade Runner and the theme to Chariots of Fire which was a hit in the 1980’s.

As much as I love the Blade Runner soundtrack, we chose to work on Chariots of Fire because it seemed like it would be more fun and family friendly. The production pushed the limits of our homespun skills as we learned how to use a greenscreen to transform our tiny living room into a theatre. Musically, it was challenging to update this well-known piece in our own way while staying true enough to the original. I was excited to use a special synth: a custom Arp 2600 clone–TTSH which I built with a friend.

One of the reasons it took me so long to finish this project was that I began my journey into modular synthesis last winter. I didn’t realize how addictive and expensive this would be! It soon consumed all my free time–from building modules to learning how to patch, it was a very nerdy winter. However, I also recorded a lot of my modular explorations and recently released an album under the alias Andrew Voltage.

If you haven’t already seen the original Vangelis video, I recommend checking it out here—you’ll enjoy seeing the references from our spoof.

And here is our version. I hope you enjoy our homespun homage to Vangelis—Chariots of Fire!