Karl Bartos Shares Andrew + Hudson’s Robots Cover

One of the first comments on our music video cover of The Robots by Kraftwerk was: “The Kraftwerk members must see this!”. And sure enough, Karl Bartos–one of the original composers of The Robots and member of Kraftwerk posted our video on his Facebook page. His comment: “Mini Robot and father”.

What an honor, we are so thrilled!

Andrew + Hudson Feature on FestivalSherpa.com

I recently noticed the views on our Robots Kraftwerk cover jumped up and it looks like there were some new articles. Here’s one I came across on FestivalSherpa.com, a popular music news website. Nice to see that our little video is still newsworthy. Thanks for the writeup!

Father-Son Cover of The Robots by Kraftwerk

My 2016 winter project with Hudson is finished! Here are some notes about the production process.

Backstory: I discovered Kraftwerk when I was around 11 years old and became a huge fan. They inspired my love of electronic music–which I now enjoy sharing with my son. When a friend suggested that we should cover a Kraftwerk song, I knew The Robots would be fun to work on…

In addition to teaching my son about the production process and having fun with synths, I wanted to learn more about how Kraftwerk crafted their arrangements. It was also a great opportunity to study sound design and learn how to use some of my new synthesizers.

Almost all of the synths used to make the track were in the video: a Moog Mother-32 for bass, Roland JU-06 for chordal parts, Korg Arp Odyssey for various synth parts and a PO-12 Pocket Operator–a tiny drum machine by Teenage Engineering. Off-screen, we used a Novation MiniNova for Vocoding and I also layered a custom kick and clap to boost the PO-12 beat.

We loosely based our video off of the 1970s original from Kraftwerk. I made our neckties by soldering an led light kit. I used Ableton Live 9 for music production and Final Cut Pro X to edit the video. And, I had a little help with color correction from Hudson’s Mom, Scarlet–an awesome graphic designer. Also, Hudson insisted on having the counter on his head (at :23) so Scarlet helped photoshop his photo.

We hope you enjoy…The Robots!

First, check out the original version by Kraftwerk if you haven’t already seen and heard it:

And here is our cover: